Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bat Voicethreads

Hi #BurNTA, The fourth graders were hard at work last week researching to find answers to our big bat questions: How are bats with big ears different than bats with small ears? How can bats eat 1000 insects in one night? How do bats benefit or help an ecosystem? Why do bats live in communities? A student created question..... We did some investigating and created voicethreads to share our work.....unfortunately the internet at our school is not top notch and the longer, more commented voicethreads didn't load to our voicethread page, only the pictures. Our teacher Ms. Laidler did a work around by filming the voicethreads from some of the ipads in our classroom. You can watch those below. http://voicethread.com/share/3742516/

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