Sunday, November 4, 2012

First grade investigates bats!

In first grade:

This week we began a mini-inquiry into bats.  First, we wondered about bats and generated a list of questions.  Then we researched online by studying images and watching short video clips.  Next, we read Bat Loves the Night by Nicola Davies and National Geographic Young Explorer Bats!  
While researching we monitored our comprehension and practiced reading with a question in mind.  We documented our new learning and noted when we found the answers to our questions by posting sticky notes in text.  We also used the SonicPics app to draw and write our annotations of the text during an interactive read aloud.
We synthesized our new learning by creating podcasts about bats and plan to share these podcasts with our 6th grade colleagues at Burley and also with 4th and 5th grade science students at National Teachers Academy. We hope to make this bat investigation a cross-grade, cross-school, collaborative learning experience.  
Here are some samples of students using SonicPics to synthesize their learning about bats:

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